#26, 13.12.2018

The latest issue of the business magazine BIGMOSCOW (January–March 2019) focuses on the private equity and venture capital sector and the role of foreign investors in it.

In 2017, one of the most active foreign investors in Russia was the Finnish fund Innovestor. Wilhelm Lindholm, partner and chief investment director of the fund, told BIGMOSCOW how Moscow is becoming a hot market for international venture capital and why it is worth investing in Russian innovation projects right now.

Karin von Bismarck, founder and president of the German-speaking business club “Wirtschaftsclub Russland” (Business Club Russia), shares her thoughts on investments in Russian high-tech ventures and prospects for Russian-German cooperation.

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BIGMOSCOW (Business Investment Guide to MOSCOW) is a quarterly business magazine, which explores the opportunities that exist in Moscow for foreign entrepreneurs who are investing in small and medium-sized businesses. BIGMOSCOW is published in Russian, English and German. All versions of the magazine are available through the App Store and Google Play as free downloads.

The aim of the magazine is to encourage investment in Moscow and to provide advice and assistance to foreign investors.

BIGMOSCOW magazine features:

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