#24, 24.04.2018

The soccer World Cup is a golden opportunity for investors who entered the catering and hotel industry in time. In its new issue (July-September 2018), the BIGMOSCOW business magazine analyzes how foreign entrepreneurs and companies make money in the capital’s hospitality sector.

The head of the AccorHotels Russia, Alexis Delaroff, has opened 50 hotels during his 20 years in the country. In his BIGMOSCOW interview, he tells how the Russian hotel business deals with sanctions, and what niches there are for foreign investment.

For the South American Charle Visser, Moscow turned out to be a great place to start his own catering company, while the Chinese chef Jimmy Li launched a premium Chinese restaurant. Both reveal to BIGMOSCOW why such projects are much easier to implement in Moscow than at home.

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BIGMOSCOW (Business Investment Guide to MOSCOW) is a quarterly business magazine, which explores the opportunities that exist in Moscow for foreign entrepreneurs who are investing in small and medium-sized businesses. BIGMOSCOW is published in Russian, English and German. All versions of the magazine are available through the App Store and Google Play as free downloads.

The aim of the magazine is to encourage investment in Moscow and to provide advice and assistance to foreign investors.

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