#20, 25.06.2017

Out now: the third 2017 issue of BIGMOSCOW (Business Investment Guide to Moscow), the business magazine about Moscow’s opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs investing in small and medium businesses.

The new BIGMOSCOW issue (July-September 2017) focuses on foreign entrepreneurs investing in Russian e-commerce. Half of the top 10 online retailers in Russia are companies with foreign capital participation. Why is this market particularly interesting for investors from abroad?

As part of the issue’s main theme, the German businessman Oskar Hartmann shares his experience of borrowing online business ideas from the West to implement them in Russia, while the head of Russia’s largest online hypermarket, Ozon — Danny Perekalsky — talks about the national peculiarities of Russian e-commerce.

The cover face is the French Count Jacques von Polier, co-owner of the Petrodvorets Watch Factory. In an interview with BIGMOSCOW, he explains why he undertook to revive the Soviet watch brands “Raketa” and “Pobeda.”

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BIGMOSCOW (Business Investment Guide to MOSCOW) is a quarterly business magazine, which explores the opportunities that exist in Moscow for foreign entrepreneurs who are investing in small and medium-sized businesses. BIGMOSCOW is published in Russian, English and German. All versions of the magazine are available through the App Store and Google Play as free downloads.

The aim of the magazine is to encourage investment in Moscow and to provide advice and assistance to foreign investors.

BIGMOSCOW magazine features:

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