#25, 24.06.2018

Within Moscow’s hospitality industry, foreign restaurateurs tend to stand out with their vibrant and unusual projects. The fresh issue of the business magazine BIGMOSCOW (October – December 2018) analyzes the main trends in the development of the capital’s restaurant market, providing a compilation of expat entrepreneurs’ success stories. One of them is the Argentinian Adrian Quetglas, who has every reason to be proud of his career as a Moscow restaurateur and chef: one of his establishments got into the world’s Top 100, according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Today, he co-owns two restaurants presenting his signature cuisine.

The Japanese confectioner Kobayashi Katsuhiko could not realize the dream of his own restaurant in France, where he had worked for a good ten years. In Moscow, he succeeded.

Six years ago, the Frenchman Johan Bott opened a tiny vegetarian café with an unusual concept in Moscow. Originally intended for friends and friends of friends, it has since become an iconic institution, and the number of guests increased dramatically.
The Italian Stefano Pizzuti has been doing business in Russia since the early 1990s, supplying restaurants with fresh Italian products. Four years ago, the food embargo forced him to diversify, and he began producing Italian cheeses in Russia.

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BIGMOSCOW (Business Investment Guide to MOSCOW) is a quarterly business magazine, which explores the opportunities that exist in Moscow for foreign entrepreneurs who are investing in small and medium-sized businesses. BIGMOSCOW is published in Russian, English and German. All versions of the magazine are available through the App Store and Google Play as free downloads.

The aim of the magazine is to encourage investment in Moscow and to provide advice and assistance to foreign investors.

BIGMOSCOW magazine features:

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