#24, 24.04.2018

The soccer World Cup is a golden opportunity for investors who entered the catering and hotel industry in time. In its new issue (July-September 2018), the BIGMOSCOW business magazine analyzes how foreign entrepreneurs and companies make money in the capital’s hospitality sector.

The head of the AccorHotels Russia, Alexis Delaroff, has opened 50 hotels during his 20 years in the country. In his BIGMOSCOW interview, he tells how the Russian hotel business deals with sanctions, and what niches there are for foreign investment.

For the South American Charle Visser, Moscow turned out to be a great place to start his own catering company, while the Chinese chef Jimmy Li launched a premium Chinese restaurant. Both reveal to BIGMOSCOW why such projects are much easier to implement in Moscow than at home.

The confectioner Francois Bodrero came to Russia from France about ten years ago. During this time, he has made a name for himself in Moscow and became an entrepreneur: he first started producing to order, and recently launched a chain of artisan confectioneries.

As always, the fresh BIGMOSCOW issue contains a lot of other stories about foreign entrepreneurs who found success in Moscow.

The Frenchman Yannick Tranchier has founded the MEF business incubator and helps his compatriots enter the Russian market.

The Italian Giulio Zompihad opened a traditional Italian delicatessen shortly before Russia introduced a food embargo, and the import of most products from Italy became impossible. But Zompi did not give up: now, he sells produce from local Italian farmers instead, and has recently opened a restaurant and a sausage production.

Under the Modus Vivendi heading, this issue of BIGMOSCOW reports on education. In addition to the twenty-eight international schools already existing in Moscow, the British Brookes Education Group will provide another option for the children of expats starting this fall. The company management told BIGMOSCOW how the international schooling market works in Moscow, and why it is worth investing.

All versions of the July-September 2018 issue of the BIGMOSCOW (Business Investment Guide to Moscow) magazine, which is published with the support of the Moscow City Department of Economic and International Relations in Russian, English and German, are available in the AppStore and Googly Play for free download by the owners of smartphones and tablets world-wide.


  • Editorial
    Hospitality World Cup

    • The FIFA World Cup currently taking place in Moscow and ten other Russian cities is a time of opportunity for all kinds of services and retail. The macroeconomic effects of the megaevent, though, are less clear-cut…
  • Place of action / Macroeconomics
    Moscow as an investment space

    • Business credit, the purchasing power of the population, retail trade turnover and other data needed to make a well-considered decision on investing in Russia.
  • Persona / Consulter
    Yannick Tranchier: “I always believed in Russian startups”

    • How the founder of the Moscow business incubator MEF helps French investors enter the Russian market.
  • Persona / Hotelier
    Alexis Delaroff: “A new hotel is always good for the city economy!”

    • The Chief Operating Officer at AccorHotels Russia has opened 50 hotels and survived three economic crises. In his interview for BIGMOSCOW, he talks about his experience of working in a country that is under sanctions and about the effect the World Cup might have on the hospitality industry.
  • Persona / Banker
    Katsumi Hatao: “In Russia, you have to build your business the Russian way”

    • Despite the ongoing war of sanctions, the Japanese financial holding SBI is becoming increasingly present in Russia. Katsumi Hatao, Chairman of the Board of Directors at of the SBI bank – a Russian bank with 100% of Japanese capital – explains to BIGMOSCOW why the holding company is focusing on Russia, and tells how he is settling in here.
  • In focus / Catering & Co
    Restaurant Hero Jimmy Li

    • Asian cuisine is on the rise in Moscow, so the Chinese chef Jimmy Li opened a premium restaurant named after himself. He tells BIGMOSCOW why this was easier to do in Moscow than in China.
  • In focus / Catering & Co
    Charle Visser brings the braai to Moscow

    • Charle Visser’s career in the hospitality industry has been varied: a waiter and bartender in his native Cape Town; a cook and then a sous-chef in London; the brand chef and co-owner of a catering company in Moscow. Why did the Russian capital make a good starting field for the leap into self-employment?
  • In focus / Catering & Co
    The traditions of Don Giulio

    • In 2013, Giulio Zompi opened an Italian delicatessen store in Moscow. A year later, Russia imposed a food embargo, and Giulio had to stop importing a large part of his range. But rather than giving up, he additionally opened his own restaurant and sausage factory. How did he manage this?
  • In focus / Catering & Co
    Francois Bodrero, patisserie artist

    • The confectioner Francois Bodrero moved from France to Russia over ten years ago. In this time, he made a name for himself in Moscow and became an entrepreneur: first producing to order, and recently opening a chain of boutique patisseries.
  • Modus operandi / Participating in events
    Calendar of crucial business events in Moscow for July, August and September 2018
  • Modus vivendi / Everyday life in Moscow
    The school as a startup

    • International education in Moscow is in demand not only among expats but also among well-off Russians, who are now less inclined to send their children abroad. The British Brookes Education Group (BEG)is opening a school in Moscow this year. The managing directors told BIGMOSCOW how they see the international private school market in Russia and their own place in it.
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