#21, 25.09.2017

The fourth issue of BIGMOSCOW (Business Investment Guide to Moscow) for 2017 is out now. The magazine offers advice and information to international entrepreneurs wishing to invest in small and medium-sized businesses in Russia.

The focus of the current BIGMOSCOW issue (October-December 2017) lies on franchising, especially on the activities of foreign franchisors in Russia. About one third of Russian franchisees work with international franchises. In total, there are 78,400 franchise-based outlets in Russia, while the market capacity is estimated at 400,000. Therefore, the growth potential is immense.

The entrepreneur Christopher Wynne recounts his experience with the “Papa John’s” master franchise in Russia and explains why he turned from a financier into a restaurateur.

The protagonist of the cover story is the German businessman Frank Duhse. In the current issue of BIGMOSCOW, he talks about developing German-Russian business relations in both directions.

You’ll also learn why the Swiss Jörg Duss, who has been living in Russia for twenty years, is spending money that he made renovating the fanciest of Moscow homes on developing a farm in the hinterland. And also how the Canadian William MacDougall earns a profit from the import of Russian art to Russia.

Under “Modus vivendi” and “Modus operandi” you will, as always, find many useful tips and information about business and everyday life in Moscow – for instance, how expats rent apartments in Moscow, and to which schools they send their children. The business and life coach Gil Petersil discusses the peculiarities of networking in Russia and explains why one can only recommend business acquaintances to one another with great caution here.

BIGMOSCOW is published in Russian, German and English and is available for free download via App Store and Google Play.


  • Editorial
    • Carpe diem!
      On the right time to invest
  • Place of action
    • Growth signals
      Macroeconomic indicators and numbers showing that the economic decline in Russia is over.
  • Persona / Auctioneer
    • The House that MacDougall built
      How the Canadian Wiliam MacDougall makes money on the sales of Russian art to Russia.
  • Persona / Philanthropist
    • The palaces and shacks of Joerg Duss
      Why the Swiss Joerg Duss earns money renovating villas in Moscow and spends it on a farm in the hinterland.
  • Persona / Consultant
    • Frank Duhse and his sales machine
      How the German Frank Duhse develops Russo-German business relations – in both directions.
  • In focus
    • Franchising
      Russian franchising in numbers, facts and opinions. How foreign brands develop in Russia using the franchising principles.
  • Persona / Franchisee
    • Christopher Wynne’s recipe
      Why the American financier Christopher Wynne sales pizza in Moscow.
  • Persona / Lawyer
    • Seung-min Lee and the way East
      Seung-min Lee, head of the South Korean law firm Jipyong’s Moscow office, on Russo-Korean cooperation.
  • Modus operandi
    • Renting an apartment
      Finding a place to live for expats in Moscow: how, where and how much?
    • Establishing connections
      Business coach Gil Petersil on the particularities of Russian networking.
    • Participating in events
      Calendar of crucial business events in Moscow in October, November and December.
  • Modus vivendi
    • Expat children
      What school to choose, and what it will cost.
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