#22, 15.12.2017

The Irish business diaspora is the focus of the latest issue of BISMOSCOW – the small and medium business investment opportunities magazine for the Russian capital.

At the beginning of the 1990ies, the Irish expats were among the first to form an active and close-knit community in Moscow. The first duty-free shop and the first Western-style supermarket, the “Irish House at Novy Arbat”, were opened by the Irish at the dawn of the Russian market reforms. And these entrepreneurs have done so much more in Moscow than opening retail shops and pubs. In this BISMOSCOW issue, you will learn how John Mark Clancy has created a famous engineering company in Moscow, and how Garrett Johnston makes his money in strategic business consultancy.

The hero of the cover story is the Australian investor Campbell Bethwaite, who has been working on Moscow for over nine years. His Russian company specializes in direct investments in fintech B2B services.

Another protagonist of this issue is the American Jeffrey Moskovits, who, in 14 years, has created Moscow’ largest industrial cleaning company with more than a thousand employees, and is now actively expanding into Russian regions.

As always, the “Modus operandi” and “Modus vivendi” sections contain a lot of helpful information on how to make your business thrive in Moscow – and how to live well while doing that.

All versions of the January-March 2018 issue of the BIGMOSCOW (Business Investment Guide to Moscow) magazine, which is published with the support of the Moscow City Department of Economic and International Relations in Russian, English and German, are available in the AppStore and Googly Play for free download by the owners of smartphones and tablets world-wide.


  • Editorial
    • In itinere patet
      The business climate is warming up
  • Place of action
    • Basic values
      What you should know in order to make the right decision about investing in Russia
  • Persona
    • Between Moscow and Peking
      Yuan Yi cementing Russian-Chinese business relations
    • Campbell Bethwaite and his eco system
      Why the Australian Campbell Bethwaite believes in Russian SMEs
    • Jeffrey Moskovits makes Moscow clean
      How the American Jeffrey Moskovits found his niche in the Russian industrial cleaning sector
  • In focus
    • Little Ireland in Moscow
      The everyday and festive life of the Irish business diaspora in the Russian capital
    • John Mark Clancy and his balance
      How the Irishman John Mark Clancy built up a successful engineering company without taking out a ruble of credit
    • Garrett Johnston on strategies and tactics
      Why the Irishman Garrett Johnston builds up his global company in Moscow
    • Huegh McEnany: thinking like an Irishman, living like a Russian
      Huegh McEnany shares his experience as a self-employed Irishman in Moscow
  • Modus operandi
    • Registering a business
      How does a foreigner launch a company or register as self-employed in Russia
    • Participating in events
      Calendar of crucial business events in Moscow, January-March 2018
  • Modus vivendi
    • Renting a country house
      A dacha for expats: 5 questions about extra-urban residential property for rent
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